Unambiguous publication date

Our AccessProof™ publication process guarantees a verifiable, un­am­biguous and internationally recognized publication date.


Each publication - whether made in print or on the Internet - is passed to the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek - DNB) and is catalogued there in a verifiable manner. Printed publications are added to the library's holdings and online publications are added to the electronic library archive.

All publications made by Prior Art Publishing® can either be inspected as a printed copy in the reading room (printed publication) or as an electronic resource at special computer terminals (online publications). Prior Art Publishing® arranges for the documents to be catalogued in the German National Library and to be included in the library register with an unambiguous date.

Added to the library holdings

As the central archive library of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German National Library has the statutory duty, with regard to media works, "to collect them in the original version, to catalogue them, to index them and to register them for bibliographical purposes, to safeguard them on a continuing basis and to make them able to be used by the general public" (section 2 of the German National Library Act). The publications are available to all for inspection in the reading rooms of the library on a permanent basis.