Your invention as prior art

It needn’t always be a patent. If you create prior art by means of a strategic publication you can be sure that you will also be able to use your own invention yourself. Although a publication does not provide the creator with exclusive rights, it does guarantee him or her freedom to operate on a permanent basis and is superior to other methods in terms of speed, administrative burden and costs. Here, various methods of exploiting your invention are compared:

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What we offer you

Prior Art Publishing®, as a technical publishing house, has specialized in the making of strategic publications and offers a full range of services all in one place. We are happy to deal with all of the necessary steps – from the preparation of a draft publication to publication in a verifiable, unambiguously dated manner.  We therefore take the burden off our customers as best we can and our work is always high-quality, speedy and cost-effective.

Our multidisciplinary, experienced team of specialists will also assist you with your specific requests and requirements in creating prior art, and looks forward to receiving your enquiry.

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We'll help you with your preparation. Make use of our editorial services to develop your ideas into suitable draft publications.
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