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Would you like to make a strategic publication or undertake a patent prior publication? Then you've come to the right place! Prior Art Publishing®, as a specialist publishing house, will provide you with a complete publication service in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

In your capacity as a lawyer or patent attorney, I would like to refer you to the following services in particular:

  • Different publication products for different clients - you can affect the level of circulation by the selection of the publication process.
  • Unambiguous, verifiable and independent publication date by means of our proven AccessProof™ process. ››
  • Collaboration with patent offices, possibility of inclusion in the office's internal database. ››
  • Simple, fast and cost-effective publication process. ››

You can find detailed product information in the products and services section.

You can find extensive background information, areas of possible use and examples of strategic publications in the strategic publications section.

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