Jakob Marquard, graduate in engineering, co-founder and CEO of Prior Art Publishing GmbH, studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and successfully completed his studies as a graduate in engineering in 2009.

He first came into contact with the subject of strategic publications in the Patent Department of Siemens AG in Berlin, where he worked alongside his studies from 2004 to 2008. His responsibilities included producing drafts of strategic publications in various technical fields at Siemens AG.

Editing and design

Our editorial team is a multidisciplinary team comprising technical editors, scientists and engineers, and has many years of experience in the production of strategic publications. The team combines specialist knowledge in various specialist fields, in particular in the fields of electrical engineering, communications engineering, semiconductor technology, mechanical engineering, vehicle and transport systems, medical technology, chemistry, physics, biotechnology and information technology.

Our design team ensures that content of all varieties which is to be published in the form of strategic publications is published with a uniform, neat appearance. In addition, our experienced designers are highly skilled in the production of graphs and drawings and in working on the graphical presentation of existing illustrations.

Administration and production

In order to simplify your processes, we offer to take on in its entirety the management of all procedural steps when the strategic publications are made. In doing so, our administrative team will relieve you of as much work as possible and will ensure that individual publications are made in a problem-free manner.

So that we can work in a swift and reliable manner, and in order to protect your sensitive information, we perform all production steps on our own premises. This also includes the production of the journals, which are printed, scored, bound and cut at our own premises.